Stop feeling tired and frustrated due to HORMONES
Find out how to start feeling healthy, balanced, energetic and sexier...even as you age. 
(It is possible!)

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This is a recurring online membership, billed monthly.  Nothing will be mailed to you, everything is delivered via email.  You can cancel at anytime, after your first two months. No refunds.

What You'll Receive: 
1. Full-up Nutrition Protocol
The first step to balance is with the RIGHT food plan.

Receive a recipes that have been specifically designed to balance your hormones.

These delicious recipes have been created for the busy woman who is looking to spend no longer than 30 minutes in the kitchen. 

* Includes paleo and vegan options
** Recipes are continually updated on a regular basis

The Portion-Control Formula to help you understand just how much you need to be consuming to lose or maintain your weight. 

If you've tried everything like cutting out carbs and still can't understand why it isn't working, then THIS is your answer.

A shopping list to help you navigate the grocery store with complete ease.

7-day suggested meal plan to put all the pieces together for easy implementation.

2. Video Cooking Tutorials
Customize your recipes based on your specific needs.

Discover how easy it is to whip up healthy dishes customized to your specific needs.

Learn in-depth knowledge on the hormonal balancing benefits behind the recipes in this plan.

Cooking video tutorials updated with seasonal favorites.

3. Exercise & Meditation
Move to get fit, balance your hormones & de-stress.

Challenges with the Sexy Lady Ballers that define and sculpt your body without wreaking havoc on your stress hormones.

Increase fertility with key exercises to bring blood and energy into the reproductive area.

Energize and nourish the thyroid with exercises and massages you can do yourself.

Stretch and open up key Chinese Medical meridians with regularly uploaded exercises that can aid for those who are suffering with PCOS, ovarian cysts, fibroids and endometriosis.

Increase concentration, sleep better and reduce stress levels with three meditative yoga nidra recordings. These recordings are not active yoga poses but rather are easy to do and designed for those who struggle with conventional meditation.

4. Expert Interviews
Learn about everything from bioidentical hormones to emotional balance.

Receive expert teachings in the field of Naturopathic health, birth control, documentographers and emotional well-being.

New expert interviews will be uploaded on a regular basis to keep the content fresh and current.

5. Community Support & Motivation
Check out what you receive as a Sexy Lady Baller.

Be a part of the members-only Private Facebook Group and join a tribe of other Ballers who get you.

Monthly Group Coaching calls to answer your questions, provide up-to-date hormonal information and dive into topics that matter to you.

Monthly Challenges with the chance to be awarded top "Lady Baller". 

Receive prizes up to $200!

Accountability Partners to motivate, inspire one another and stay on track.

Only $57 per Month
Take Your Lady Balls to the Wall Now
*This is a virtual reoccurring membership so nothing will be mailed to you.*
Cancel at anytime, after the first two months.

All Prices are in USD
"I really don't know if I can afford this."
Still sitting on the fence?
If so, think of it this way: 
Health is your RIGHT and doubting yourself is just another way of saying you're not worth it. 

 So if money is the issue, then here is a listing of items that are more expensive than a membership to Sexy Lady Balls.
One Month of Fancy Lattes

Yup those fancy lattes are on the low end $4.

If you were having one every day, five days a week, you're looking at $80/month.

A Night Out with the Girls

Listen I love a glass of wine here and there too. But let's face drinks add up! 

And when you factor that excess alcohol actually contributes to hormonal balance, it's time to rethink where your money is best spent.

Going Out for Lunch

If you're going for lunch, then you're looking at spending at least $10 each time. 

In other words, you would only have to go out four times a month to be spending more than a monthly membership with Sexy Lady Balls.

It's time to make YOU a priority for only $57 per month
*This is a virtual reoccurring membership so nothing will be mailed to you.*
Cancel at anytime, after the first two months.

All Prices are in USD
Frequently Asked Questions
Will I be billed monthly or is this price a one-time only thing?
Yes, this is a monthly reoccurring price and you will be billed on the same day every month.
Are my supplements included?
No, for this low price there is no way your supplements are included. I have developed this membership at a low rate so that you can afford any supplements that may be required. Factor in this: if you saw myself or a Naturopath privately you would be paying way more for your sessions alone. So truthfully this is the most affordable and comprehensive plan you will ever receive.
Will my program be mailed to my home?
No, this is a virtual membership. Roughly 15 minutes after sign up you will receive access details to your membership plus access to the Sexy Lady Balls private Facebook group where you can introduce yourself to the other 500 Ballers.
How long do I have to be in this membership to receive results?
Given everyone is coming from a totally different case profile, results will vary. I have seen cysts shrink in under two months and hot flashes be gone in under two weeks. So your results and time required within the program will be based on your case and also your level of commitment.
What is your cancellation policy?
I want to give you the freedom to feel that you can cancel at any time, however I also want you to give it your all, which is why you can cancel at any time after two months - no questions asked. However we do not issue refunds. Remember hormones are not an overnight fix. Generally speaking they can take up to six months of hormone balancing work (although I most certainly have seen faster results!)
I'm worried that this program isn't for me based on my age and my lifestyle.
Listen I'll be honest with you, as women we are ALL hormonal creatures whether you're in your 20's or straight through to your 60's. We have women in the group from all different age groups and lifestyles. From single mothers to corporate women, you'll soon notice that women in the group vary quite a bit. I strongly suggest that if you are and have been struggling hormonally to really make it (and YOU) and priority to give this your all. Without doing so, you'll be chasing your tail trying to fix what we could have worked on together.
Are you around for questions?
Oh my Gosh yes, very much so! I pride myself on being highly responsive to all the needs of my Ballers, plus I have an excellent team of customer service/ billing support should you need them. We are here to SERVE YOU. With Sexy Lady Balls I will be here for you every step of the way providing you support as your biggest cheerleader and ass-kicker all-in-one!
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